Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our Birthday Party

Just wanted to post some pictures from Christopher's and my Beach Birthday Party. It was tons of fun!! Christopher turned 25, a quarter of a Century (wow, he is getting old :)) and I turned 21 yay!! Finally!! seemed like forever, but people have been telling me that after you're 21, years just go by fast :( I wasn't really wanting that, I just wanted to turn 21 so people wouldn't think I'm crazy for being married. Anyway so here are some pictures from the Beach Party:
Look at us, can you believe that Greg is still taller than me even with my big-huge hat on???!!!

Here we are getting ready to sing happy birthday!!! Aren't we cute :)

This is us after blowing out the candles, it was fun!!

Aww!! We're with our mami!! Too bad Michael had to miss it!! Oh well, which reminds me, Michael sent the funniest card to Christopher for his birthday, it really is just so Michael to do that! It was nice to get a little bit of him at the party!!

Here is the family enjoying the yummy cake!!

Here is a close up of the cake. Can you tell it was a Beach Party :) Halley and I made the little palm trees as party favors, they have little candies inside. Fun!!

Here is the little sign Halley and I made for everyone to know we were celebrating!!

We really had a good time at the party, I must say I missed Michael. Can you tell?? I keep talking about him. We all can't wait until he comes home!! Most likely November 12th so everybody keep your weekend open!!!

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