Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Lights at Temple Square

We went and looked at the lights at temple square with my brother and sister and spouses.

Greg and Eva!

Pretty lights, huh?
Braden and Katie!
Ken and Cara!
More lights!
Nice view of the temple at Christmas time.
Eva and Greg!
It was great to go and spend some time, even though it was pretty cold. Fortunately, we chose like the only time that the weather cooperated and didn't rain or snow. It seems like it snowed or rained the rest of the days until Christmas.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Here's the whole Pearson family. It's mom's side. We're doing our annual photo at our Thanksgiving day dinner.

Here's the Crocketts from left to right: Kristine, Dad, Mom, Ken, Cara, Braden, Katie, Greg, Eva, (Baby Scott), and (Kory, not pictured). Kory's serving his mission still in the New Zealand, Wellington Mission, and since he left in march, he's got a while before he gets back.

Here's the happy couple! Greg and Eva!

Here's Michael, Papi, Mami, Eva, Greg.
Eva and parents enjoying the thanksgiving feast. It was some good turkey and fixin's!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

We're going to have a baby boy!

Well, with our latest visit to the doctor's we were pleased to find out that we're going to have a son! That's cool. At the ultrasound, the doctor checked his vitals, and his heartbeat is strong and he has legs and arms, and brain and everything is going really well. At 19 weeks along, Eva is feeling better, and the baby is growing healthy and strong. He'll be coming the first week of May 2009. We just cannot wait. It's such a wonderful and exciting time. We've been busy getting some stuff ready for the baby to come. We probably have quite a bit ready, but we feel like there's quite a bit left to do, but with several months left, we'll do just fine.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Who's Right??

My ultrasound is on Friday, we're so excited we can't wait to find out what we're having. I was kinda upset I didn't find out before Black Friday but I'm over it. I still bought baby stuff. I got a stroller and a car seat on black Friday, then Saturday I bought a crib and I bought a changing table/dresser online on Monday. I think I got the really important stuff I would like to have a rocking chair but we'll see. Buying all the baby stuff makes me so excited!! Pregnancy is a really neat experience with very mixed feelings :) I bet everybody who's had a baby can understand. Everything is going well with the pregnancy, we have a pretty healthy baby.
Ok, so Who's Right?? Everybody that's on my side of the family thinks I'm having a boy and everybody including Greg thinks we're having a girl?? Its so funny, I just can't wait to find out. I really want a boy first so later on when I have a girl, she can have an older brother. People ask me what I think I'm going to have? and I think I'm going to have a boy but now I'm confused how can I feel that I'm going to have a boy if I really want a boy. Are my motherly instincts not working? Oh well I guess we'll all find out on Friday. I will feel really good if I were to have a boy because that means that my motherly instincts are starting to work:)
I'll give everybody an update on Friday. If you want you can comment and guess what you think we're having.