Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Scott

Scott has been growing so much lately!! He is losing the newborn look. He's starting to interact more, he's starting to hold his head up and you can also tell when he's learning something and concentrating. Here are some pics.
Just hanging out.

Here is Papi and Scott spending some quality time together :) Look how good he holds his head up!

He looks so cute in this outfit I just had to take a picture! The hat doesn't quite fit him but still looks good on him :)

Here is a close up, he's also looking straight at the camera.

I know this picture is blurry, but I love it!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Life at home

It's been 3 weeks since Scott was born. I can't believe how fast time goes by! These past 3 weeks have been amazing, having Scott with us really completes us. I love our little guy! We are so blessed to have such a great baby! He is so calm and only cries when he's hungry. He has a pretty good schedule now and only wake us up every 4 - 5 hours. Sometimes when he goes to bed at midnight he wakes up at 5 or even 5:30 am. He's only done this a couple of times, and one of the times was for mother's day. I think that was his mother's day present for me, letting me sleep all night!

Scott is doing great, he's growing and eating tons! Although the past couple of days he's had really bad gas :( our little baby wakes up crying because he can't pass gas, so finally I called his pediatrician and she said I should stop having dairy, because that might be the reason why he has so much gas. So today I'm starting this new diet. Now I need recipes of food that don't have dairy in them. It's going to be kinda hard but my little bundle of joy is completely worth it :)

I love staying at home with Scott, although I must say that the first week was REALLY hard for me. I guess I didn't realize that I was NEVER home before I had Scott. I was so busy, I worked til the day before I had him and was always out and about. So being home ALL day long was really hard especially with my recovery. Having a C-Section after 14 hours of active labor (last 5hrs I was dialated to a 9 and couldn't open up to a 10) is really hard on your body. So by the time I came home, I was still, and am recovering. I couldn't even get up to take care of Scott, my bed was too high and my incision hurt everytime I moved. I couldn't sleep laying down I had to sleep sitting up. Greg was and is definitely a great help, he got up in the middle of the night to hand Scott to me so I could feed him and then he changed his diaper and burped him. I have a totally amazing husband!! I am, however, feeling a lot better now, but I'm still reminded by everybody and my body that I still have to rest and not do too much. Thanks to everyone that have helped us with food and coming to clean my house! I don't know what I wouldn't have done without you guys!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We've come back home

Well, we're home from the hospital now. If you would like to view photos, choose the link on the right side of this page, or click here: Scott's Birth

It's been nice being home from the hospital and sleeping in our own bed. The hardest part of staying in the hospital with Eva was that the pullout bed in her room was only 4.5 feet long, and so I had to curl up each night. I stayed with her every night, and am glad that I could do that. Eva really enjoyed my help with burping the baby after each feeding, and lifting him up to her to breastfeed Scott.

As we've come home, though it has been kind of difficult for Eva. She felt really ready to come home and was quite excited, but after being home a little bit, she realized that our bed is higher than the hospital bed, doesn't move to a sitting position, and the baby bassinet doesn't fit as close to our bed.

Well, I've been able to help Eva a bit. I had to take Scott to the lab for a blood test this morning, and was waiting for the results to see if he has Jaundice. He was only at a moderate risk of it, and in the past day since he's been home, he has improved quite a bit. The Doctor's office lets us know that he's doing well and improving so we just need to watch that he keeps eating and going to the bathroom.

All in all, it's wonderful to be home with a new baby. It's kind of hard, sleep wise, as the baby wants to cry and let us know it's time for him to eat. I get up and hand him over to Eva to help him. Then I nap while she's feeding him and she wakes me up again to burp him. It's nice. I'm glad I'm able to help.

Here he is yesterday when he came home. Doesn't his outfit look cute?