Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Summer Fun Part 4....

Just a few more pics of what we did this summer.
Elena and Scott are good at playing together (well half of the time)

We went to the park some more!

He loves the park!! I love this pic.

He played with Susan!

We did a couple of boutiques.

Aunt Katie came over, we went to the pool and afterwards was reading books to Scott!

For Pioneer Day we went to uncle Kevin's house. Scott LOVED playing with his cousins and had a ton of fun at the trampoline.

Uncle Kory and Cami came over to play too!

Scott loves it when family comes over to play with him :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer Fun Part 3..... 4th of July

My family has a tradition that every year for the 4th of July, we go camping in Logan Canyon and then we go to Bear Lake. This year we had a great time, I was a little worried taking Scott and how he was going to do, but he did so well! We had a great time!

My mom loves ALL holidays and celebrates them!! So she had us buy 4th of July shirts and she and I made matching outfits for the kids. It was fun!

In this picture i had already taken Scott's outfit off :( But here is the whole family!

Here is my cute little family!

We went to Bear Lake, the water was cold but Scott still got in! He loves the water. Scott had a great time! Here he is with Papi.

Scott is a little weird about textures. Here he is taking all the sand off his hands!

We really had a good time camping! Here is Greg and me!

Here we are at the campfire!

Scott LOVES his Papaveco (grandpa) he is always so happy around him :)

Scott had a good time playing with his cousins! Elena giving Scott loves :)

Here he is with uncle Christopher.

Papaveco (grandpa), Scott & Uncle Michael! So happy!

Scott was on the ground more than half of the time. He had a hard time walking. When we came back home his little knees were bruised :(

Daniel helping Scott NOT fall :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Summer Fun Part 2...

We went to my friend Jessica's house and had a little pool party! Scott had a blast!!! We had so much fun!!!

Here he is playing in the slip and slide. Jessica's girls loved playing with Scott.

Scott really loves the slip and slide!

Here he is having a blast with Papi.

Trying to run up the slide!

She also had a cute little pool! Scott loved it!

Here he is with Diego!

After all the fun, Scott was giving me loves :)

See how happy he is now :) He had a great time! Thanks Jessica!!

We also went to Great Grandma Crockett's house! She had a Cowboy Night so we decided to go. We had a lot of fun!!

Kristine and me.

Grandma Crockett and Scott. Scott LOVES Grandma, he always has a blast with her!

We also spent some time at my mom's house, since she has a backyard and lives just around the corner :) Scott is learning how to ride this bike.

He also loves getting in this little wagon and having Papi pull him!!

Here is video of him "riding" the bike, Scott's style!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summer Fun Part 1....

Warning: LOTS of pictures bellow!

Ok, so since I'm sooo behind in posting, here are some pics of some of the things we have done this summer.

We went to visit our family friends back in May and while we were there, Scott got his first hair cut!!
Here he is getting ready to get his hair cut!

Look how long his hair is!! He really is overdue for a haircut!

And as soon as Marlene started the razor, Scott looked like this!! He hated it SO much!!! Poor little guy :(

But after we were finished, this is what he looked like!!! He was a Handsome, Happy Boy!!!

Here he is with Theo!! So cute!!!

Another thing he did this summer was learn how to walk. This is picture was taken in May.

The kids decided they wanted to help Mamina (grandma) clean her garage!

Here is Mamina (grandma) helping Scott learn how to walk!

We also had Crockett family pictures taken!! It was fun, we went downtown and got some cute pictures!
Here is Katie and me.

Here is Grandma & Grandpa Crockett with Scott!!

And the whole family!! We are such a cute family!!

So my family had a little "picnic" for Memorial Day, we decided to go to the park, and we just went to a park by my house. It was fun!!
They guys played soccer!

We also played croquet. (My family had never played that and they had so much fun!!!)

Scott loves popping bubbles!

And also going down the slide with Papi!