Thursday, December 8, 2011

3 & 4 Months Old

Michael at 4 moths:
*Weight: 14.8 lbs -- 48%
*Height: 25.5 in -- 70%
*Eats really good and really fast!! (love it!)
*Thinks he's a big baby and can hold his weight really well standing up!
*Holds his head up really well when he's on his belly
*"CRAWLS" in his crib
*Rolled over from stomach to back a couple of times.
*Has discovered his feet

He loves his Great-Grandpa Pearson


Loves, being entertained by his brother and cousin ;)

Loves to play with his hands

Has good coordination :)

3 Months Old:

*Still sleeps through the night :)

*Loves to watch his brother Scott

*Is a very good eater

*Interacts more

*Is very serious, but once you get him to smile, he has the cutest smile :)

*He's growing up too fast!!

*He's kind of sitting now!! I can't believe it!!

I love the Halloween pjs :)

I love his expressions :)

I don't know what makes him think he's a big baby when he's only 3 months old. He's sitting!!

I love my boys, so cute!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


After watching Eva practice some zumba, Scott came to me and said, "Papi, it's my turn to dance."  He waited for me to turn on the music, and then he danced.