Wednesday, August 13, 2008

28th of July

So we celebrated the 28th of July, Peru's Independence day. It was tons of fun!!! I wish my brother Michael would have been here, oh well that's ok only 3 more months and he'll be home. He will see tons of changes specially two things: I was not engaged when he left and now I've been married for over a year and 2nd my cute little niece wasn't even in the picture and she'll be almost one when Michael comes home :) Yeah that shouldn't be too hard to adjust to :)
Anyway back to business, so we went to dinner at my mom's house and when we got there this is what we found...

She decorated the table with our flag colors!! This year we all really got into it!
Here is a picture of the entire family before we started eating.

Here is us & my parents with the grandkids

As you can see we were all wearing peruvian shirts even the little kids!! This year we really celebrated Peru's Independence Day!!

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Murray Clan said...

Very Cute Blog glad you told me about it, I told my mom, and she said ya didn't you said, well you could have told me! Thanks again for letting us turn your house upside down in a short amount of time.