Sunday, October 19, 2008

Good Times

Well we had a good time this past week. On Wednesday, Eva and I were able to take some time off work in the morning to go see Christopher's naturalization ceremony to become a US Citizen. It was fun.

Saturday, we had a good time hanging out at our house. Eva's parents, Halley, Christopher, and their kids came over for the afternoon. We watched a movie, and played a little RockBand on the PS3. Daniel and Elena wanted to play too, so I let them play the guitar with me. Halley and Eva made the Amish friendship bread that takes 10 days to get ready. It tasted pretty good.

Mean while, I've been building my new shelve system in my garage.
I bought the supplies earlier in the week, and as I've had time, I have built and assembled the shelf. On thursday, during Eva's Stampin' Up! club meeting, I cut all the materials to the right size. I have been having a few problems, as the battery pack to my drill didn't last very long. I had hoped to finish it in one day, but if since I couldn't screw the pieces together without the drill, I had to stop and pick it back up once the battery was charged again. I finally got it put together on Saturday

I am still going to sand and paint it white, but it's all attached to the wall, and I am not really in a big hurry to paint it, because all the stuff I would put there is actually temporarily sitting in the window well of the Garage, and they're out of the way right now. I do hope that I can get it painted this week though. We'll have to see if I find time to do that. I am excited that my design worked out so well. Eva is happy that I could build it and get us some more space for storage.

Also, at work, I've been working on moving the company. We finally moved on Friday, and my boss had put me in charge of making sure we had everything installed, cleaning company chosen, locks changed, everything moved and business operations all up and functional. While only 4 computers are up and running, the phones, email, internet and server all work. The only thing that isn't ready at the new location is that the new cubicle desks have not yet arrived. (I wasn't in charge of getting them.) The sales person apparently assumed we would not be ready for them until the end of October, so he scheduled the delivery and assembly for the last couple of weeks of October, even though we ordered them the beginning of September and said we didn't have the exact move in date yet, but need the desks ASAP. It's crazy because the new chairs and Conference room table have arrived but not the necessary cubicle desks. Basically, it's exciting to move, especially when I don't have to do much of the physical moving. Just the planning and overseeing of it.

Friday, October 3, 2008

We're having a baby

Well, we're having a baby! We just went to the first Doctor's visit, and when she checked out the baby, she did an ultrasound. We have a strong healthy little baby growing. We even got a chance to see the baby move a little bit when the Doctor first did the ultrasound. The heartbeat sounded good too. Even as the baby is just about 1/4 cm long, it has a 180 beat per minute heartbeat. We are both so excited to be parents. The due date is May 2nd, 2009. We thought it would be good to post these pictures so we can share our happy news.

Here's the baby.

Here is the baby's length. 28.8 mm long from head to rump.

Here's where the heart is. It was beating strong at 180 beats per minute.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's October now.

Wow, September came and went. It reminds of the song "Wake me up when September ends." I don't know why we didn't get in a blog post in September. I think maybe it was that lots was happening, and also that not much was happening. We didn't take many pictures, so that's probably what delayed the writing of a blog post. Oh well. It's alright. As I think back at how the month went, we didn't do all that much stuff out of the ordinary.

Eva had her Stampin' Up! club and Girl's Night Out Crop, and other than that, I don't remember what happened in September. Yeah, we watched a few movies and hung out a bunch of nights talking or playing board games, with others, but all that's memorable is what I mentioned above.

The most memorable thing I did at work was I updated the picture of Eva and me that sits on my desk. now it has one that was taken this summer instead of our engagement picture taken in the beginning of 2007. It was a nice picture, and now it moved from my desk at work to the fridge at home.