Monday, July 21, 2008

First Annual Family Picnic

Well, it was a lot easier to do than I thought. Eva and I decided that we needed to do something together as a family. We first tried to set up a camp out, but the timing was not right, so we opted for the next best thing, which when I think about it, was the best possible thing we could have done! We went to the park and had a BBQ and played badminton and ultimate frisbee.
Even Mom and Dad played with us! We had so much fun as we played ultimate frisbee and had two half time breaks. In the end, Dad declared our team the winners (Dad, Greg, Braden and Katie). I do think that we probably ended up at a tie game, but nobody kept track of the score. It was just so much fun playing together. It was something that we hadn't done in quite a while, especially since the family has practically doubled in size with 3 of us kids being married now.

Look at Dad run to catch the frisbee.

It's my frisbee, I caught it.

I'm open, throw it to me!

I graduated!

I know this post should have been made a couple of months ago, but at that time, we did not have this blog. I did graduate from the University of Utah on May 9, 2008. I got my BS of Accounting. It took me 5 long hard years to get my degree, but it is definitely worth it.

I know however that I am not through yet. I will still go back and get my Masters Degree in Accounting so I may eventually become a CPA, but for this short time, I am just working and spending time with my family. Eva is so proud of me, that she made me a shadowbox celebrating my accomplishments. I love how smart and creative she is!

I have put a few more pictures on the pictures tab of this blog for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our 4th of July camping Trip!!

Finally got a chance to post some pics from out camping trip we had during the 4th of July! We went to Logan Canyon and then we went to Bear Lake!

Greg and me with our 4th of July Shirts.

Here we are wearing our 4th of July shirts!!

Here is Halley (my sister in law), Baby Elena and Me!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

First Post...

Hello! This is our first post ever! We had set up the blog before but didn't put a post in it because out computer was not working. I hate it when that happens. Then life happens and we didn't get around to it 'til now almost 11 o'clock. We've had a great summer so far, we went to Peru for a week in June, it was really fun and Greg got to meet my family (he still hasn't met everyone in my family, I also have family in Europe so that will be our next big trip) We also went to camping to Logan Canyon and went down to Bear Lake for the 4th of July, that was awesome too!! My parents haven't been camping here in Utah so this was their first time and it was really fun; they enjoyed it. My mom was a little scared about seeing snakes or bears, but she didn't so that was good. Now August is kinda a busy month is my birthday on the 14th and Christopher's on the 24th, and also school starts (this really doesn't apply to me but my mom has to go back to school so I don' t get to spend time during my lunch with her)

Here are a couple of pictures from our Peru trip!!

Us in front of the Palacio de Govierno (it's like the white house)

Us in front of the Peru Temple! It was beautiful!

Here is some of my family! I was giving them some girly goodies I took for them :)