Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What we are up to!

I know I'm so far behind in blogging that I'm just starting fresh this year! (I think)

Well Scott loves to play with his new bike he got for Christmas and has learned to "walk" the bike. But he LOVES it!! He goes everywhere.
He also loves to play with his "papaveco" Grandpa, specially when he pretends to "ride the horse" Grandpa seems to be the best at it!

We went outside a couple of times. We wanted Scott to play with the snow. So it was one of those days that it was snowing really hard so we started getting Scott ready and put on his snowsuit. By the time we got out, it had stopped snowing. Poor little guy this is what we got:
All dressed and ready to play with the "snow"

Here is the little snow that was left! All he did was step on it.

So since there was no snow, we took the bike outside and he went for a ride!

We also had a friend come over! Hi Tom! We loved having him over, both of the kids were good and playing with each other :)
Scott loves putting things together like puzzles and such. He is actually getting pretty good at it. Here he is working at it :)
Here is his friend Tom. He is so cute!!

That's what I've got so far. We have mainly stayed at home the whole winter but now we're starting to go out a little more, so more exciting things should be happening!

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Amy said...

Those pictures of Scott & your dad are so sweet! I love it. :D And cute pictures of my kid too! but maybe I'm a bit biased.