Monday, January 31, 2011

Las Vegas

We took a short flight over to Las Vegas for a couple of nights. It was a nice, fun trip. We walked a lot and our feet got tired, but we did enjoy it. We went to celebrate my birthday. We stayed at the Treasure Island Hotel. It was easier to upload these to Facebook, so here's the link to Pictures.

One thing we didn't get any pictures of was the Phantom of the Opera show. It was really good. Plus, we had some great seats. We'd bought the seats online before we left, and when we arrived, we went to almost the back row on the far right side, and then the usher asked to look at our tickets. She asked if we'd like to move up a little bit. We said yes, and expected a couple of rows, but ended up moving forward and to the center about 15 rows! We were seated in the middle of the room and had a good view.

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Emily said...

That sounds fun Eva! Nick and I are going to Vegas in a week in a half. I hope it is warm there!