Saturday, March 19, 2011

Big Kid

We moved Scott from his crib to a big kid bed today.

He was so excited for it. We took his crib down and put up the toddler bed in its place.

He drank his cup of milk, and then once he had brushed his teeth and we prayed, we put him down in the bed and tucked him in. Then we left the room and closed the door. Immediately, we heard Scott cry and get out of his bed and go to the door. First we waited to see if he'd give up crying and go back to the bed, but he didn't after a couple of minutes, so we went back in to tuck him back in. As soon as he saw us, he calmed down. We repeated the whole thing again, with leaving, closing the door, crying and getting out of bed. Maybe this would be a long night. Then we thought maybe it was too dark. We don't have a nightlight! Then we remembered we have a scentsy candle and that gives off some light, so we turned that on, and tucked Scott in, left the room and closed the door. He stayed in his bed and didn't cry!

Looks like he was just scared of the dark in his new bed without crib bars around him. We need to buy a real nightlight for him now. Let's hope he sleeps well and we'll see how it is in the morning, when he can get out of his bed by himself.

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Amy said...

Soooo big! I hope it all goes well in the morning. :)