Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer Fun Part 3..... 4th of July

My family has a tradition that every year for the 4th of July, we go camping in Logan Canyon and then we go to Bear Lake. This year we had a great time, I was a little worried taking Scott and how he was going to do, but he did so well! We had a great time!

My mom loves ALL holidays and celebrates them!! So she had us buy 4th of July shirts and she and I made matching outfits for the kids. It was fun!

In this picture i had already taken Scott's outfit off :( But here is the whole family!

Here is my cute little family!

We went to Bear Lake, the water was cold but Scott still got in! He loves the water. Scott had a great time! Here he is with Papi.

Scott is a little weird about textures. Here he is taking all the sand off his hands!

We really had a good time camping! Here is Greg and me!

Here we are at the campfire!

Scott LOVES his Papaveco (grandpa) he is always so happy around him :)

Scott had a good time playing with his cousins! Elena giving Scott loves :)

Here he is with uncle Christopher.

Papaveco (grandpa), Scott & Uncle Michael! So happy!

Scott was on the ground more than half of the time. He had a hard time walking. When we came back home his little knees were bruised :(

Daniel helping Scott NOT fall :)

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Amy said...

Looks like a blast! Happy 4th.