Thursday, September 16, 2010

Summer Fun Part 2...

We went to my friend Jessica's house and had a little pool party! Scott had a blast!!! We had so much fun!!!

Here he is playing in the slip and slide. Jessica's girls loved playing with Scott.

Scott really loves the slip and slide!

Here he is having a blast with Papi.

Trying to run up the slide!

She also had a cute little pool! Scott loved it!

Here he is with Diego!

After all the fun, Scott was giving me loves :)

See how happy he is now :) He had a great time! Thanks Jessica!!

We also went to Great Grandma Crockett's house! She had a Cowboy Night so we decided to go. We had a lot of fun!!

Kristine and me.

Grandma Crockett and Scott. Scott LOVES Grandma, he always has a blast with her!

We also spent some time at my mom's house, since she has a backyard and lives just around the corner :) Scott is learning how to ride this bike.

He also loves getting in this little wagon and having Papi pull him!!

Here is video of him "riding" the bike, Scott's style!

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Amy said...

Cute pictures! Looks like it's been a good summer.