Sunday, August 30, 2009

Party Time!!

... My birthday was August 14th and we had a little family gathering to have cake and ice-cream. I had a great birthday!! I enjoyed spending time with Scott and the whole family.

Don't you love the huge birthday card??? My nephew Daniel made it for me, he put a bunch of lighting mcqueen stickers and drew a picture of my family inside. He's such an awesome kid, I love Daniel to pieces!!!

On my birthday Scott and I decided to go have lunch with Greg, so we went and picked him at work. We really had a good time. I love my husband, he's always so supportive and helps me with anything he can! I love you amorcito!!

Here I am getting ready to blow out the candles, Elena really wanted to blow out the candles too! She really likes to help :)

Here are some pics of a few of our family members that came.

Now since Christopher's and my birthday are only 10 days apart we usually have a party together to celebrate!
Here is our Cake!

Here we are ready to sing happy birthday!

I really had a good time celebrating my birthday this year, I love living so close to family and enjoying their company on my birthday!
Thank you everyone for coming!!


Amy said...

happy birthday!

Glad you got to party. :)

Greg Crockett said...

Happy birthday, honey, I'm glad you had a good birthday.