Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bath Time and Sleeping in his crib

Ok, so I just have to show this picture of him with his bathrob and cute little slippers!
Scott is learning so much lately and only wants to stand, he will push his legs and arch his back to show that he does not want to sit or lay, he only wants to stand.

Scott has been sleeping in his crib for a little over a month, here he is wrapped up like a little burrito, ready for the night.

Half way through the night he gets his arms untucked to be a little more comfortable.
Now this is pretty much how he looks every morning when he wakes up.


Amy said...

That bathrobe is to die for! :)

Emily said...

Does he sleep through the night?!? Awesome!

Anonymous said...

love the robe...what a cute sleeper. :)