Thursday, September 3, 2009

Crockett Family Annual Picnic!

We had our 2nd annual Crockett family picnic. My father-in-law named it "The Kevin J. Crockett Memorial family reunion" We all told him it can't be a memorial if he's still alive, so he dropped the word memorial from the title!

I love this picture because Grandma Crockett looks so happy holding her grand-son, and Scott is snuggling her.

Here is Cara playing with Scott, and Kevin enjoying watching them.

OK, here is where the fun starts!! We played Ultimate Frisbee, and everyone enjoyed it.
Look at everybody in action!

Scott and I didn't get to play, but we were cheerleaders. Here I am teaching him a couple of cheers.

Here's Scott and me at half-time.

The game got hot, and Kevin didn't want Sandra to get the frisbee, so he tackled her...

But she got away and left him on the ground :)

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