Monday, September 7, 2009

4 months and Getting Big

Scott is growing so fast!!! We went to his 4 month appointment and he is a healthy boy! He weights 16.4 lbs and he's 26 inches tall! I love seeing how he's learning lots of new things! A few things he's learned the last couple of weeks are:
He found his hands!! He plays with them all the time!

Also his feet! Look how instead of reaching for the toy with his hands, he reaches with his feet!

He really likes his hands! He chews on them all the time. Greg thinks he's started teething.

He really plays good. He loves the bumbo and plays with his toys really well. He will even reach for his toy when he drops it!

He really is starting to "talk" more. Here he is playing with his uncle Christopher.

Then after he's done playing he just falls asleep :)

I love this little guy to pieces!! I love seeing him grow and spending all my time with him!


Amy said...

He just gets more and more adorable every month. :)

Hayes said...

I love the one of him smiling! I just want to pinch his little cheeks, okay his big cheeks, but still.