Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Birthday Celebrations

So it's getting further through the year, and in march our family has more birthdays. Eva's Dad, Michael, and Cara. I took some pictures, but didn't get a picture of Cara taken when we saw her for her birthday.

Here's the two birthday boys. Someone forgot to verify that we had enough candles, so Eva's dad got the numbers, and Michael had to have just one candle.

Here's Michael and his girlfriend Jennifer

Here's Halley and Christopher

Here's me and Eva.

Here's Eva's parents

We had a nice meal and party for their birthday, both on March 6th. Here's some of the food we ate:

Cara's birthday is March 3rd. It was nice to go to her home and have a party and games. We played Ticket to Ride. I don't remember who won the game, but I was in dead last place. Oh well. It was still a fun game to play.

Soon, it will be our baby's birthday. It's exciting to think about.

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