Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bye, bye sickness! Welcome 1 digit weeks!!!

Ok, so a couple of weeks ago my life was miserable!! I had caught a virus and I couldn't breathe!! I would wake up every 15 minutes or half an hour to blow my nose and drink some water so my throat wouldn't be so dry. Now if I'm waking up that often to drink water obviously that every time I got up I would blow nose, drink water and go pee. That was my life for about a week and a half. It was sucky!! Poor Greg would try to help but there was not much he could do. He felt really bad and so did I. Since Greg is a light sleeper he would wake up almost everytime as well. Since I was sick for a week and a half I thought maybe if I go to the doctor he can give me something to feel better... Well it was ALL pointless!! He said it was just a virus and I had to give it time!! Do you really think at this time in my pregnancy I have the patience to wait??? Anyway so I wasted $20 bucks going to the doctor for him to tell me that. Oh well I'm feeling much better, at least I can breathe.
Now the good news is that I'm in my 1 digit weeks!! Finally I can count down. Right now I have 8 weeks left!!! It's a very exciting moment for me since I'm very uncomfortable, no matter what I do. I cannot sit for too long or stand for long or even lay!! Its just uncomfortable. Our baby is definitely running out of room and believe me I can feel the pain.
So we're just so happy for him to come!!! I'm excited that finally his room is starting to look like a baby's room instead of office/craft room/baby room! Greg has been wonderful at taking the time to do it. Soon I'll post a couple of pictures so you guys can see it. Its really coming along. We have the crib up, changing table/dresser and shelf. All we're missing is a dresser and I really want a glider so I'll see if end up getting what I want :)
Now since the room is starting to look really nice I'm trying to stay away from the stores!! I'm instead waiting for my baby shower, which is March 21st at 4pm. I'm sending invitations out this week so look for them :)
Anyway this all that's going on for us right now, or for the past 8 months and the next...forever :)

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Sarah Ann said...

Oh I'm SO excited for you will be wonderful parents. Cant wait to see you at your shower!