Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Update!

Ok, so I haven't posted anything is SOOOO long and I don't think it's possible for me to get caught up. So here is a little summary of our lives.

*We are getting ready for Baby Boy to come (we don't have a name yet, I'm sure I'll know when I see him)

*My Aunt came to town from Switzerland and we had a blast spending time with her and showing her all the church sites.

*We've been out in the sun a lot!! Scott LOVES playing outside and he also loves swimming! I have been loving the warm weather for Scott but I'm DYING of HEAT!!

*We have done some painting/projects in our bedroom, living room and the kids room! I'm so happy of how it has turned out! I'm still decorating the kids room, but so far it looks awesome!!

*Also Scott has done some coloring/painting himself. See below:
He was supposed to be taking a nap in his bedroom while I was napping in my room, except that I fell asleep and he didn't. I could hear him through the monitor but I thought he was just playing with his toys but no. When I went in this is what I found!! I couldn't believe my eyes! I almost had a HEART ATTACK, Thankfully Greg works close by (like 5 mins. away) and he came to rescue me and well his kid.
After 1.5 hours of Greg cleaning and Scott watching we were able to get it off! This is the after. I'm so glad we had a good cleaner because the marker he found was permanent and was one of my scrapbooking markers (if you know me you DO NOT mess with my scrapbooking stuff!)

Here is a picture of the stripes Greg painted in our living room! The picture doesn't do justice. I'm in LOVE with my wall!! I'm so happy I have handy husband!!

In the bottom right corner you can see the toy box my AMAZING husband made for me :) (well for the kids)


Tiff, Ry, and Jayden said...

Lol, Eva I just love you. I can't believe Greg got that out!!!! Now I know who to call if we have a similar problem!!! Sorry I missed you last night- I will stop by soon!!!

Cara said...

The marker all over Scott's room is hilarious.