Sunday, May 30, 2010

Staying at home joys!!!

I love staying at home with this little guy!! We have some great times together. This little guys is so sweet! He is getting so big by the day! He LOVES to eat! Whenever he sees somebody eat he has to eat too even though sometimes it's right after he's had his lunch or whatever.

This is what Scott does most of the day EAT!

I love days like this. Sometimes he really likes to snuggle me :) (well at least I like to pretend) I love to take naps with my little guy, although is doesn't happen often that we sleep together on the couch, but I love it when it happens!

Lately, Scott has had this "game" when we eat. He'll start eating just fine, but after a couple of bites he like to pretend like he doesn't want it and he makes the cutest face ever! But after two seconds he'll start eating again! Its cute and funny!

So here we're fine, he's just enjoying his food...

...But here is where the fun starts! He turns his face and makes the cutest face ever!!! I tried capturing it on camera but it's not nearly as cute as real life! After he makes this face he laughs and then keeps eating!!


Amy said...

He's so sweet! Eating or napping or ANYthing. :D

Tiff, Ry, and Jayden said...

SO cute!! And you look so pretty in thos pictures Eva! It's awesome that he loves to eat so much. Jayden is the same way. Yesterday he had a big plate of dinner... and a half hour later downed 2 cups of wacky noodles... crazy boy.