Tuesday, May 18, 2010

School and Work

I've been working on my Masters Degree of Accounting since October. I'm excited that I just finished my 5th class, and have 7 to go until I'm done and get my degree. After that, I'll take the CPA exam and get licensed.

Also, a month ago, I changed jobs. I now manage the finances at Burbach's Exterior Specialists. I also do the accounting for another company my boss owns, Plato's Closet, that will be opening soon in Bountiful, UT. It's quite fun and interesting for me to be able to gather the information needed to run reports and statements that show the profitability of certain jobs and projects. On the side, I prepare Income Taxes, and my company is Do It Right Tax Service. Now that it's after tax season, I'm not too busy with it, but I can still help you file now, or next year.

I enjoy accounting. I've known that I wanted to do it for a living since I was in high school. I guess I'm lucky in that respect. I'm also happy and lucky to have the support of my family urging me along and allowing me to go to school and further my knowledge. Thank you!

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