Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Ok, so we have been REALLY working with Scott on the crawling deal, it seems like slowly but surely he's getting there. So here is a little step by step:

First he is on the belly, pushing up with his hands.

Then he is on all fours.

Here is the attempt to move on all fours.

What do you think?? I think he's getting closer to doing it! I hope it happens soon, he really just wants to walk but he's got to crawl first! Any ideas or suggestions welcome!!!


Amy said...

I'm certainly not an expert but he looks like he's there!!! better get baby-proofed. :)

Greg Crockett said...

Yeah, I think Scott's almost got it down. We do need to be sure we get all over the house baby-proofed, including a gate for by the stairs.

The Adam's Family said...

I think he knows how to crawl, he's just being sneaky lol, he prob. does it when nobody is watching lol =)

Emily said...

He is just so cure! Yes, he will be all over the house very soon, he just needs the right motivation.

Emily said...

I meant cute!