Monday, July 20, 2009

Scott's Baby Blessing

Scott's baby blessing was amazing. Greg did such a great job! I'm grateful to have a husband that has the priesthood and is able to bless one of the most wonderful people in my life!
Here are some pics of Scott enjoying his gathering of family and friends afterwards!

Great-Grandma Crockett

Here is my friend Amber with her cute little girl Hailey with me and Scott. Hailey and Scott are 5 days apart.

Grandma and Grandpa Crockett, so happy enjoying their first grand child.

Papaveco & Mamina (Grandpa & Grandma Miranda) so happy enjoying the son of their favorite daughter :)

Mamita,Papaveco, Scott & Mamina.

Generation picture, from Mamita all the way down to Scott.

Uncle Dale and Aunt Roleane enjoying the food

Our happy little family!
Scott was so good, this was during his nap time and he made no big deal out of it, he just fell asleep.


Amy said...

It was a beautiful blessing! These are some great pictures!

Sarah said...

I'm glad I came to hear such a beautiful blessing. He is a handsome boy and getting big.