Thursday, December 8, 2011

3 & 4 Months Old

Michael at 4 moths:
*Weight: 14.8 lbs -- 48%
*Height: 25.5 in -- 70%
*Eats really good and really fast!! (love it!)
*Thinks he's a big baby and can hold his weight really well standing up!
*Holds his head up really well when he's on his belly
*"CRAWLS" in his crib
*Rolled over from stomach to back a couple of times.
*Has discovered his feet

He loves his Great-Grandpa Pearson


Loves, being entertained by his brother and cousin ;)

Loves to play with his hands

Has good coordination :)

3 Months Old:

*Still sleeps through the night :)

*Loves to watch his brother Scott

*Is a very good eater

*Interacts more

*Is very serious, but once you get him to smile, he has the cutest smile :)

*He's growing up too fast!!

*He's kind of sitting now!! I can't believe it!!

I love the Halloween pjs :)

I love his expressions :)

I don't know what makes him think he's a big baby when he's only 3 months old. He's sitting!!

I love my boys, so cute!!

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