Monday, November 28, 2011

More summer updates

Warning: LOTS of pictures ahead :)

Uncle Michael with his nephew Michael:)

Napping together

We went to Cold Stone and Scott donated some money :)

My grandma taught me how to make some "Manzana a la Paricien" "Apple to the Paricien"?
It was an apple filling with Merengue on the top. It was a total hit!!

Scott loves putting sunglasses on. Here he is trying mine on :)

I love this boy :)

Getting ready for Michael's baby blessing :) Scott LOVES his little brother :)

Scott and Daniel play pretty good together, they have a pretty awesome time.

Of course me and my new accessory :) I love this little guy!

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Amy said...

Your boys are beautiful and you are too! I love that last picture of you and Michael - so sweet.