Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family Reunion

Well, we're a little behind schedule in making posts. At the end of June, we went to the Pearson Family Reunion. It was east of Morgan in a small town called Croydon, UT.

Here's Scott with Grandpa Pearson.

Kristine played her violin for the talent portion.

Scott found some toys and enjoyed playing with them.

Everyone wore name tags, and Scott's was put on his back so he wouldn't take it off. A little later, another little boy thought it would be fun, so he ran by and grabbed Scott's name tag, and ran off laughing.

Apparently, the good toys were still in the basket.

Here's Scott with Grandma Crockett, Kristine and Carolyn.

More fun times with Grandpa Pearson.

Having a drink with Kristine.

Going down the slide with Papi.

It was a fun afternoon. Glad we were able to make it.

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