Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Don't touch the Toilet paper!!!

Scott is growing so fast!!! I can't believe how smart this little boy can be. Since now he knows how to crawl & furniture walk he thinks he's the king of the world and can do whatever!! He just found out how to roll out the toilet paper!!!

This is how he does it:
He crawls to his bathroom, stares at the toilet paper...

Then he starts unrolling!!

And since just patting it is not fast enough, he instead grabs it and pulls on it!!

He did this a couple of days ago and today I caught him doing it again!! Except for he went to my bathroom instead. Greg switched the way we put the toilet paper in Scott's bathroom but I refuse to do it in ours because I'm very picky with how my toilet paper is positioned!


Anonymous said...

That's too funny!! Don't worry I'm picky to the way my toliet paper is positioned in my own bathroom!!!! Haha! :)

Me! said...

Ha ha ha! That's cool you caught him on camera though. He is such a cutie!

Emily said...

Just you wait, next he'll be playing in the toilet bowl. I have learned to always keep bathroom doors closed. :)