Monday, March 22, 2010


Amy tagged me and I decided to do it cuz this one looks fun.
The rules are that you have to take pictures of the following things as-is- no cleaning up.
your favorite room: is my living room, well kind of. I'm working on getting it all pretty and stuff but I like it so far!!

Kitchen: I like my kitchen, I wish I could spend some more time in it, but working and stuff makes it complicated, but so far I love it!!!

My Fridge the outside: It's just black with pics on it!! I'd like to make something cute to put on it, so that's on the list.

My Fridge the inside: Please don't judge the lack of food. I REALLY need to go grocery shopping!

My bathroom: I like my bathroom, I love the two sinks, I feel so spoiled!!

My closet: I wish it was bigger, but I still love it!!

My favorite shoes: These are my favorite shoes right now!! I love them.

Here is my self portrait, I look weird but Oh Well!!!

What my baby is doing right now: Sleeping he's so cute!! He looks so peaceful!!!


Emily said...

Eva you could NEVER look weird in a picture! I am jealous of your double sinks. That is something that I will not settle without in our next home. :)

Amy said...

You are beautiful (as always) I love your kitchen AND your living room. Good choices.