Sunday, November 15, 2009


I'm not sure if many people know, but I started back to school last month.  I'm working on my Masters degree in Accounting at the University of Phoenix Online.  It is all going great, so far.  I knew that at some point, I would need to get a masters degree,  but I've been putting it off for a while.  Since I finished my bachelor's degree in May 2008, I've been enjoying my free time, from just working and spending time with family.

I'm so glad that Eva helped me decide now was a good time to go back to school.  I've had such a good experience with it.  I love my online class.  It's great how it's setup.  Eva and I were talking about it this afternoon.  One class at a time is a great way to go.  I decided to go with online classes since I would save time by not having to drive to class and be there at a certain time.  While I have gotten a little less sleep now, since I stay up working on homework after Scott goes to bed, I still feel it is very worth it.

When I finish the class I'm in now - Communications for Accountants - I'll have just 10 classes to go.  I'm taking next month off for vacation, but after that, no more time off until I finish.  I should graduate in April 2011.  I'm so excited for that.  After that, I'll take the CPA exam and work on becoming a CPA.  What an exciting future I will have.  I know, not everyone thinks that's an exciting future, to be an accountant, but I love that type of work.  I'm excited that this is how my life is going.  If anyone reading this is interested in learning more about the University of Phoenix and going back to school, let me know and I can share some info with you.

Just one more week of this class, and I'm glad that it's going smoothly.  It's nice that when you set priorities and work towards bettering yourself and looking out for your family, things go smoothly.  Work for both me and Eva is going well.  Scott is just growing up quick.  He's such a good kid.  We love him tons, and enjoy playing with him and watching him learn and grow up.  We're blessed, for sure

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Amy said...

So glad you're enjoying school! That's fantastic. And yay for getting your degree - a BIG deal. :D