Monday, October 5, 2009

Utah State Fair

We went to the Utah State Fair not too long ago, and Scott had a fun time. We had a lot of fun with him too.

Here Scott is with me in front of a display for QuicknBrite. He loves to smile for the camera

Look how big he is, as he is standing on the counter.

Here we are by the cows.

Scott wasn't sure that the sheep were that interesting.


We went to a hilarious comedy hypnotist show. The guy had the volunteers doing things like being world famous body builders, dancing, rock stars, and other funny things. I really laughed at the show.

We didn't get to the show in time to get good seats, and since I was pushing Scott in the stroller, I told Eva to go get seated and enjoy the show, and I would stay by the stroller and watch from the side. Eva really liked the show too. Scott didn't like it all too much, because the cheering during the "body builder contest" woke him up and startled him. I calmed him down, and he was able to keep enjoying his first trip to the State Fair.

When we finished, we stopped by Tali's house to say hi to her and her daughters. They were quite excited to see and hold Scott.

It was quite fun going to the fair. We've gone there a couple of times now, and will likely go again another time when the fair is in town.

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Amy said...

What fun! Looks like you had a blast. :)