Thursday, June 18, 2009

Walking Trip

Well, since it had rained practically everyday for the past 2 weeks, when the weather was clear last saturday morning, I convinced Eva to get Scott in his stroller and go for a walk. We decided to go to a shop about 1 mile from our house and get a snack at Yogi Berry. While there, it started to rain, and get kind of cold. Of course, we didn't think about taking jackets with us. It was supposed to be good weather, or so we thought. Since we were already out and about, we decided to go next door to the East Coast Subs and eat lunch/dinner.
Doesn't Eva look great?
Look at me!
Scott's just sleeping, but we're having a great time.
When we were done eating, we called Eva's brother, who came and rescued us and took us back to our house. It was so fun going for a walk. Hope the weather stays good so we can go on more walks.


Amy said...

That sounds so fun! Where is Yogi Berry? How have I never even heard of it? You guys are cool. :)

Greg Crockett said...

It's a new shop close to Foxboro just off redwood road at 395 north Redwood Road. It's between Maverik and the entrance to Foxboro Drive.