Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby's Room

Here's an update of our baby's room. My awesome Mother- in-law (Sandra), Cara & Kristine made the bedding for baby Scott. I love it!! They did so well. Our baby is so spoiled already!!!

Here is a couple of other things they made for the baby. They made a diaper stacker and a picture holder that matches. It's so cute!

Here is Greg, he's pretty excited for the baby to come!! He can't wait just like me!!!
So here is our little boy's room. The room is ready for him to come and so am I :) I've been feeling some contractions and am REALLY uncomfortable. So I'm getting definitely really ready for him to come. I didn't know that the last couple of weeks could really be so miserable!!! I love feeling contractions though, I know its weird but I do, because that means my body is getting ready for him to come. Sometimes when I feel them so often I think oh, he could come today! But of course he's tricking me :) We're excited and ready.


Anonymous said...

Oh the bedding is SO cute, I love the jungle prints. I'm excited for you too.

katie said...

That's the same print I used to make Garrett's bedding with. Very cute and a great choice!

Emily said...

I love your nursery, it turned out great! You guys definitely look like you are ready, hang in there it will happen soon! I can't wait to hear all about it. :)