Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Pictures!!!

Finally got around to posting some pictures from Christmas. Besides this posting, there are pictures on the right side of the blog to view if you want to see us.
Here is one with my entire side of the family, we got them taken at our house because we have the biggest tree. This year Greg really wanted a tree that was taller than him so we got a 9.5ft tree. It was a lot of work to put all the ornaments up, since it seemed like we needed hundreds of them, but surprisingly I bought the right amount with out going broke :)

This year Daniel(my little nephew) could not wait til midnight to open presents, so we opened presents at like 11pm. Oh well, maybe next year he'll be able to wait.
This is a picture of Greg's present to me!! Doesn't it look huge!! He bought it the day after thanksgiving and was able to keep it a surprise til Christmas. Well kinda, when I asked him how much he spent while he was out shopping he told me he had spend way more than the amount we had agreed on my present so I thought he had bought me a WII and I really didn't want one. So when he brought this present in I was shocked.
Doesn't this look like a TV box???

Well you guys are wrong!!! I opened the gift and I found this little box and inside it. It was a keyless entry and remote start for our nissan. I really wanted one last year but we didn't get one. So this year he decided to surprise me. Now we can close and open the doors as well as turn on and off the engine with out having a key. Pretty cool huh?
As you can see I was really surprised!

This is the present I got Greg for Christmas, it was a tool set that included a drill, saw, stud finder, flash light - all cordless! I also got him Seasons 1-9 from Seinfield.

This is the present we gave to Daniel, it was also a tool set. With this set he can even make his own bird house!! He really likes it.

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Sarah Ann said...

OH! So thats what your hubby got you...your family is so cute, i love the pictures.