Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Who's Right??

My ultrasound is on Friday, we're so excited we can't wait to find out what we're having. I was kinda upset I didn't find out before Black Friday but I'm over it. I still bought baby stuff. I got a stroller and a car seat on black Friday, then Saturday I bought a crib and I bought a changing table/dresser online on Monday. I think I got the really important stuff I would like to have a rocking chair but we'll see. Buying all the baby stuff makes me so excited!! Pregnancy is a really neat experience with very mixed feelings :) I bet everybody who's had a baby can understand. Everything is going well with the pregnancy, we have a pretty healthy baby.
Ok, so Who's Right?? Everybody that's on my side of the family thinks I'm having a boy and everybody including Greg thinks we're having a girl?? Its so funny, I just can't wait to find out. I really want a boy first so later on when I have a girl, she can have an older brother. People ask me what I think I'm going to have? and I think I'm going to have a boy but now I'm confused how can I feel that I'm going to have a boy if I really want a boy. Are my motherly instincts not working? Oh well I guess we'll all find out on Friday. I will feel really good if I were to have a boy because that means that my motherly instincts are starting to work:)
I'll give everybody an update on Friday. If you want you can comment and guess what you think we're having.


Sarah Ann said...

I think you are having a baby boy! :) I'm so happy for you two!

Crocketts said...

You're right! It is a boy!

katie said...

I can't believe you didn't up date your blog to say you're having a boy! But I guess that's ok cause I did a little investigating and found your comment. Congrats!!! I'm so excited! Boys are a ton of fun. Crazy...but fun.